Using Google to redirect to a URL

Google uses ‘’ to redirect and track clicks in Google’s search engine, we can use that to redirect to anywhere through Google’s system. Google Play will not reject that URL because it originates from Google’s domain name.

You can use Google’s URL redirection service to create a Google URL which will redirect to your desired address.

Let’s say we want to create a redirection for the URL through Google, the first stage is to search that URL in Google’s search engine.
The first result links to the URL we want, we will use that result for our redirection.

As I explained before, the search results Google displays do not link directly to the URL they show, all the results are links to ‘’ and supplementary variables with the redirection info. In our example, when searching for the first result that links to actually links to:,d.bGE

We can work with that to create a less crude URL for our needs, we can get rid of most of the get variables, the variables we have to keep are sa, url, usg and their values.,d.bGE

After removing the unnecessary GET variables we are left with:

A Google URL which will lead to – Mission Accomplished!